Kind words from clients:

Connie was super helpful & incredibly kind and gentle in her guidance of organizing. She wasn’t flustered one bit with my emotions of letting go of stuff!! We got a lot accomplished in just 4 hours. Yeah! Love her & her professionalism.
— Lauren, Pleasant Hill
Connie is very friendly, conscientious woman and does a wonderful job of making “your clutter” into a very workable organized room. I would definititely have her come back again to help me organize other projects and would recommend her to anyone needing help in their area.
— Fran, Concord
Enthusiastic, efficient, goal oriented, creative....these words describe Connie. We are delighted with our uncluttered, organized garage space. Connie helped us create a space for workshops and events in our garage. By discarding, cleaning and organizing our stuff in labeled bins placed in shelving, our garage items are now easy to locate. From chaos to planning my very first event (teacher workshop), Connie Anderson has created our dream garage! Our new organized space has opened up many new possibilities. Thank you Connie!
— Ginny, Concord
I’m not big on paying someone to do what that I think I should do on my own but I am big on saying, I wish I could be twins.

When Connie popped in through our garage door one chilly January morning prompt as ever, gloves on, ready to work, I hadn’t exactly settled what we’d do. I figured I wouldn’t waste in my mucky garage mess, that was something I could do. Instead Iwould put her expertise to work on where my office should be and how to set it up. Not. She could see I was weighted down by the garage. Boom. We took care of that in an hour. I would have spent the weekend on it. With that success, a light bulb went off to “share” Connie with my 13 year old daughter. Transfusion! Furniture moved, closet rearranged, stuff gone. Happy girl. When our three hours were up, my garage was awesome, my daughter was radiant, and my office plan was in place. A week later, I’d found a desk on Craigslist and sold four big space hogs including a car that had been procrastinated for months. Connie infused our household with a commitment to end clutter, and I’ve been happily on the warpath ever since! Connie is cheerleader coach therapist battery recharger. She’s a no nonsense down to business get it done timesaver! I’d gladly adopt her as my twin!
— CC, Martinez
For the longest time the prospect of tackling my disorder filled me with trepidation. Then I met Connie. She brought a cheerful, breezy approach, she broke the job down into bite-size pieces and in no time we’d made progress on what I’d been postponing. Connie has a gentle touch, but she’s steady and keeps you moving forward on what once seemed too overwhelming to tackle. And just when you’re stuck, unsure how to deal with a mountain stuff you no longer want, but don’t want to send to the landfill, well Connie knows just who needs it and whoosh! your guilt evaporates and soon those old towels will be put to good use at an animal shelter. She’s quite amazing that way ...

Have a design problem, a storage problem, a space problem? How to organize piles of documents and reports? Connie has an endless reservoir of helpful suggestions for solving the problem in an orderly, efficient and inexpensive fashion. I was so inspired by the de-cluttering of one area of my life, that I was soon inspired to move on to others. Over the course of the last year Connie has helped me tackle my office and my filing cabinets; my basement, my daughter’s old bedroom, my closets. Next up: photo albums and memorabilia! My load is lighter, life is airier and it’s good to know that when things start to accumulate and sprawl, I’ve got Connie on my side. We all need a Connie in our lives!
— Sandra, Oakland