Garage Morphs into Meeting Room

The possibilities are exciting for a multi-purpose garage. This garage started off with little space to even to move about, let alone park a car!  After several sessions of purging, a garage sale, donation drop offs and picks up, free items on the curb, additional cabinets & counter top installation and a Craig's List posting, the garage was poised for setting up multi-use corners - including space to now park the car. This garage currently functions as a laundry room, as a handyman work space, a compact storage area, exercise studio, dog grooming, meeting space for up to 15 people, and much more! 

"Enthusiastic, efficient, goal oriented, creative....these words describe Connie Anderson organizing. We are delighted with our uncluttered, organized garage space.  Connie helped us create a space for workshops and events in our garage. By discarding, cleaning and organizing our stuff in labeled bins placed in shelving, our garage items are now easy to locate. From chaos to planning my very first event (teacher workshop), Connie Anderson has created our dream garage! Our new organized space has opened up many new possibilities.  Thank you Connie!"